Epifyse is an Alternative Rock band from Zwolle, The Netherlands

Marten and Quincy founded Epifyse. It didn’t take long for Stefan to join the band. After that Wouter and Kristian joint Epifyse.

Together they make music full of energy and enthusiasm! Having fun whilst making music is paramount for the guys!


On stage these 5 musicians feel comfortable. They play music with much enthusiasm and gratification and they try to approach the people in the crowd as much as possible with their energy! These guys know how to construct a good show. A lot will happen on stage!


The collaboration between these musicians gave Epifyse identity. You can hear influcences of Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and even Michael Kiske is there, but above all Epifyse strives for a unique and own sound.


In 2020 Epifyse released their first EP called CRISIS. There are 4 tracks on CRISIS:

  • Damage To The World
  • Plastic Soup
  • Get Along
  • Taboo

In 202 Epifyse released their first single. It also has a videoclip:

  • Call Me Weirdo

Currently Epifyse is busy writing and recording another EP and more singles!

Previously Epifyse recorded 3 demos. You can find these on our Youtube page.

  • Live My Life
  • Call Me Weirdo
  • Be Yourself


Epifyse is a five-headed band consisting of:

  • Quincy van Dijken: Frontman en vocalist
  • Marten Nieboer: Slaggitarist en backing vocalist
  • Stefan Flierman: Solo gitarist
  • Kristian van Alphen: Bassist
  • Wouter Schulte: Drums

[DEMO] Epifyse – Live My Life